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Egypt, located in North Africa, is renowned for its earliest civilization and some of the world's most illustrious monuments. It is among the most populous nations in Africa and the Middle East. The economy of Egypt is mainly dependent on agriculture, media, petroleum exports, and tourism. Egypt's land is great for cultivation. Main crops of the country are corn, wheat, beans, tomatoes, cotton, rice, sugarcane, citrus fruit and dates. Large numbers of water buffalo, sheep, cattle, goats and donkeys are also raised in the country. Egypt also produces petroleum and natural gas. Its chief minerals include iron ore, phosphates, salt, manganese, limestone, gypsum and gold.

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Economy of Egypt

Egyptian Pound

Fiscal Year

01 July - 30 June




$24.45 Billion


$44.95 Billion

Main Industries

textiles, food processing, tourism,chemicals,pharmaceuticals,hydrocarbons,construction, cement,metals and light manufactures.

Export Goods

cotton, textiles, metal products, chemicals,crude oil and petroleum products.

Import Goods

foodstuffs, chemicals,wood products, fuels,machinery and equipment.